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11:00 P.M. November 9th, 1927.

Only another day gone by, much as the one before. I am tired but my head does not seem to bother so much tonight, or at least I have not noticed it because I have been busy. Nothing in life leaves as deep an impression on our interpretation of living as our own experiences. If we were only willing to heed the lessons learned by others we might avoid some of our mistakes but we seldom realized their full meaning until our own efforts, or actions, prove their correctness. Then it is often too late and we are left to our own bitterness. A friend and his wife have separated, a four year old daughter now faces life without the full parental love which is her due. What would I not give for the privilege to enjoy the blessings which they might make for themselves? Life is very odd. “Ilya toyed skuisya.” 11:20 P.M.”


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